WHAT 50K Ultra / 10 Mile / 4 Mile
WHERE? Polacca, AZ
WHEN? 09/10/2016 6:00 AM MST

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Hi Runners !!!
Many thanks for participating in this year’s Paatuwaqatsi Run. We really appreciated your understanding to the changes that had to be made just days before the run and for your continued support.

All race staff and event helpers are volunteers and we look forward to this run annually. We will be assessing this year's run and would appreciate any suggestions as runners that you may have. Please send your suggestions to waterisliferun@gmail.com.

Every year we work very hard to have awesome Runner Goodie Bags for the Ultra Runners and early finishers in the 10 mile run. Please help us by contacting our Sponsors whose products you liked to let them know how much you appreciate the product. We could not have these goodie bags without their continued support. The Sponsors love positive feedback and are happy to help us in the future. Click on Sponsors at the top of the waterisliferun.org homepage and click on their website to send an email.

The Paatuwaqatsi Run is a way to create awareness and to come together in prayer. Your prayers were well received and heard as we have been receiving rain and our Hopi members have become more involved and learning more about the issues affecting our precious water resources.

We thank you all for these blessing and for your continued support and participation.


Bucky Preston, Kim Secakuku, Francine Polacca and family, Jarrett Yoyokie, Hopi Mission School, Hopi Wellness Center, Renee Ramierez, Jerome Jourdon, Don Meyer and Andy Bessler
Donations: "Our Nation for Youth, DBA Water is Life Run", a 501 C3 Charitable Corp.

Trail Run Celebrates Sanctity of Water. Read article here.
The Paatuwaqatsi Run is a special public event open to anyone who is interested in running for the cause of water and life. The run will take place in the heart of Hopi country and will pass through the ancient village of Walpi. The Paatuwaqatsi Run was founded by the well-known and accomplished Hopi runner, Bucky Preston, who has literally run thousands of miles in the quest to preserve and protect his people's water.

The Ultra Run and 10 Mile Loop will cover various types of high desert terrain, from open sand, hard rock surfaces, high mesa tops and riparian habitat. The Ultra Run is for conditioned runners who are used to covering distances 20 miles or more. This special run will take place on high desert terrain in summer heat well above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Each runner must be prepared for extreme outdoor running conditions that demand excellent physical shape and endurance.

The Paatuwaqatsi 50K Run stands out in the list of races included in the 2016 Trail Runner Trophy Series because it is not a race, not really. It is a monument to community, heritage and preservation. In the spirit of giving, it is a non-profit event, operated entirely by volunteers, and hosted by the Hopi people in Northern Arizona to celebrate the sustaining connection between water and life in the way they have done for centuries—by running.
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